Top rated hydro stores in Oregon! is your online resource to find the best grow stores in Oregon. We also have a complete online resource system, full of all the materials you will need to set up your own grow operation. For certain wholesale items, we also have an online store that connects you directly to the manufacturers. Whether you are an experienced grower or a newcomer, we would be happy to help you with anything you need. Feel free to browse our site and online store.

About Oregon Hydro Grow Shops

At grow shops, is to provide you with everything you need to grow the best plants. Whether you are focused on yield or quality, we have the expertise to give you exactly what you need. We promote organic, as well as synthetic fertilizers and nutrients; we don’t discriminate. We have been in the hydroponics agriculture industry for over 30 years. Feel free to contact us or any one of our grow stores for any questions you might have.

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    Browse through the top rated grow stores near you. We have screened all grow store in Oregon and compiled the best in every city in Oregon.

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    We have created a wholesale online store for all hydro equipment bulk orders. Need a 30 light setup? We can give you the best deals on bundled orders.

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    Need help setting up your grow operation? We have hundreds of articles and videos to help you everystep of the way. Learn more here!

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